Appreciation To The Nigeria Women Association

in Georgia (NWAG)

Nigeria Women Association in Georgia (NWAG), U.S.A as part of her 21st Anniversary this year 2021, of positively transforming the lives of women, youths and children, has presented an award to Idia Renaissance in recognition of her role in combating trafficking and consequently restoring hope and dignity to humanity. NWAG’s commitment to changing the narratives in the society and her collaboration with Idia Renaissance has created a ripple around Benin City, Edo State as the duo is empowering with skill acquisition fifty (50) girls in vocations such as Graphics Design & 3-D., Make-up, Catering & Events, Tie & Dye, Liquid Soap, Air Freshener, Bleach, Petroleum Jelly etc. totally and completely financially FREE in June 2021. The challenge being over one hundred girls registering interest though only fifty (50) would be trained. The impact of this collaboration would continue to keep alive the vision of both associations as well as continuously increase the over three thousand (3000) women, youth and children that Idia Renaissance has empowered through her Youth Resource Centre project, a project that serves as a preventive approach to tackling trafficking and other social ills in Nigeria. We, at Idia Renaissance, truly and deeply send out our appreciation to the Members of NWAG for this award and collaboration. We look forward to a deeper bonding in the years ahead to sustain and continuously create a foothold economically to the indigent.