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Restoring Hope and Dignity to Humanity
There is no gain saying the fact that Idia Renaissance through her other projects such as the Edo underprivileged Children Scholarship Trust Fund, the Youth Resource Center, Idia Clubs, the Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative, the Idia Renaissance Support Group and others has recorded tremendous success since their inception
Idia Renaissance sees an urgent need to enlarge its scheme especially in the area of skills acquisition. This is because only about 280 intakes can presently be accommodated in a year at the Youth Resource Center with only an average of 100 at a time. This represents less than 10% of application usually received. The increase demand for skills acquisition is a direct result of Idia Renaissances public enlightenments and advocacy activities to the grassroots, the well trained youths who are able to compete favorable with their counterpart trained anywhere beyond the continent and also the job placement service offered by the organization to students graduating from the center.

Establishment of More Vocational Departments
Underprivileged Chlldren Scholarship
Renaissance Support Group Project
The establishment of more vocational departments such as computer and mobile phone repairs) and also the upgrading of existing departments namely Computer studies, Catering and Hotel Management, Fashion design and Tailoring and Hairdressing, Cosmetology and Beadwork considering the large expanse of land still available at the centers is a major constraint of the organization. The computer department of the Youth Resource Center for instance admits a total of 40 students per session; however, the department has only a total of 10 computer sets. This is grossly inadequate as about 4 students take turns per computer during trainings. Used but good computer sets can be made available by companies, etc to the department.
Several thousand of applications are received by the Edo Underprivileged Children Scholarship Trust Fund yearly, but only about 250 applications have been considered till date.
Spending $100 yearly per beneficiary is in itself inadequate as $400 is ideally required in view of present economic realties and global inflationary rate.
The immediate implication of this is that the fund needs to take on significantly a high numbers of children and upgrade from its percent $100 per annum to $400 per annum per child in order to make a greater impact

Some of the women in the Support Group are widow some others are orphans. While Idia Renaissance is doing so much in the area of providing educational, psychosocial and economic support to members, there is also the need to improve on the nutritional (food supplement)and financial support to members to enable them meet their medical needs.
A monthly stipend of $200 will help take care of their medical and family needs.


The need to continually stay in touch with partners and potentials, get updated resource materials and other useful information to effectively deliver the administrative functions of the organization and also the changing needs of beneficiaries cannot be overemphasized. As such, support in the area of operational/utility vehicle for office use, stationeries/office consumables, internet access, gas to run the power generating set to ensure uninterrupted power supply and computer sets for 4 administrative staff will no doubt refocus the organization for greater performance. 
Loan Facility
The micro-credit loan usually provided for victims and vulnerable persons of human trafficking to help them set up small scale businesses also needs to be sustained and upgraded from $1,000 to $2,500 to be more meaningful.
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