Information is knowledge, knowledge is power, information and knowledgeable people cannot be deprived, enslaved or discriminated against.
This is what Idia club seek to achieve for our children
Idia club is an organ of Idia Renaissance inaugurated on the 12th of February 2001. Idia club adopts a "catch them young" approach and draws her membership from primary and secondary schools. The organ uses education institutions as a pedestal on which relationships are built, character moulded and habits nurtured for greater optimal use in life
Idia club is charged with the responsibility of addressing social issues within the limited frame work of the primary and secondary school system in view of peer group influence. Children who are members of Idia Club serve as change agents in their respective schools & communities.
Mrs. Eki Igbinedion has continued to commit tremendous energy and resource to the development of Idia Club, through research, education and enlightenment. Idia clubs seeks to restore the dignity of Nigerians girls.

These objectives are achieved through information dissemination and counseling that will be made available to the children through their club coordinators in each local government area council.

Idia club can be seen as an initiative designed to respond to serious social challenges which include women trafficking, prostitution, cultism and drug addiction among our youth, and the declining moral standards and cultural values. These social problems have often resulted in the failure of family life, exposure to deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS, increasing criminal activities and widespread of decadence.

Several training programmes are organized for members of the club on life building skills by staff of Idia Renaissance.
Quiz competitions, debates, participations in national children activities, sporting events etc are organized for the children.
These children serve as "change agents" in their respective schools and communities.
Idia Club which is a vehicle for the spread of the message of restoration to the grassroot has been establised in primary and secondry scools in all Local Government Area of Edo State.

Akoko Edo, Igara - 14th March 2006
Restoring Hope and Dignity to Humanity
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1.     To encourage and inculcate sound moral values in children.
2.     To persuade children to shun social vices such as prostitution, drug abuse, cultism, female trafficking and child labour.
3.     To ensure that children are guided aright through peer education.
4.     To encourage children to imbibe the spirit of contentment
5.     To build in them self esteem
6.     To create in children the awareness that every child is an achiever through hard work
7.     To ensure that the restoration of the dignity of womanhood becomes part of growing up.