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The African child has been the subject of much abuse, neglect and so much suffering especially with the down-turn of the national economy of most Africa Countries since the 1980s.
Education has been one major area in which the African child suffered the most deprivation. Without basic education, the average childs future is not assured and the likelihood of getting into criminal activities is greater.
Lack of access to education in many remote areas even in the urban centers also forces many parent to send their children to go and work in towns and cities.
The African child is exposed to much danger in the process of finding the means of sustenance for themselves and in many cases for their families. They are made to hawk all manners of wares, especially on major roads and highways and in the process many are involved in unfortunate and avoidable vehicular accidents, some are physically and sexually abused.
The trafficking of children for the purpose of domestic servants, prostitution and other forms of exploitive labour is a widespread phenomenon that all stakeholders must collectively combat.
NACTAL is a coalition of civil societies Network of Civil Society Organizations involved in the fight against Child Trafficking, Abuse and Labour in Nigeria.
It is the belief of NACTAL that only a multifaceted approach is required to effectively execute the campaign of against child trafficking, abuse and labour in Nigeria .
Idia Reniannasce is currently the south south coordinating of NACTAL with national Headoffice at ......................The network has zonal office in the six geographical zone of the Nigeria


Youth Mentoring has been identified as an important and veritable way of arresting juvenile delinquency and restiveness, help youth improve their confidence, promote excellent leadership development and career exploration, instill a sense of responsibility and generate a desire and ability to succeed personally and professionally.

Idia Renaissance believes in youth mentoring which dates back to Afri-Growth foundation, an Abuja based non-governmental organization in collaboration with Idia Renaissance launched the Youth Mentoring programme in Benin city, Edo state.
The programme is aimed at exposing young graduates who may still be serving youth corpers or has recently completed the National Youth Service scheme to basic principles of individuals who have distinguished themselves in their respective endeavors through honesty, hard work, diligence and dedication